Frequently asked questions

How does PV work?

  • A household gets most of its energy from PV during the day 
  • The surplus is stored in the battery, which is activated in the evening and starts supplying the household with the accumulated energy from the day. 

Is PV with battery suitable for me?

This option is suitable if:

  • You produce more energy than you use and want to save it for later
  • You need to ensure the operation of selected electrical circuits during a power outage
  • You need to charge your electric car 

What's a Wp?

We calculate the output of photovoltaic panels in units of wattpeak (Wp) which indicates how many watts of electricity it produces when the sun is shining full on it.

What size of PV plant do I need?

We adjust the size of the photovoltaic system according to your house consumption.

Do you also deal with subsidies?

Yes, we handle the subsidies for your home photovoltaic power plant for you.

How much do you get?

  • Minimum installation of 2 kWp - 60 000 CZK 
  • Minimum installation of 2 kWp using a heat pump - 100 000 CZK 
  • For each additional 1 kWp of installed capacity - 10 000 CZK 
  • For 1 kWh of electricity. accumulation system - 10 000 CZK

    What if something goes wrong?

    In this case you send send us an email to servis@simbapower.cz in which you describe the defects to us. We provide our own service team, who will call you within 24hrs. The service includes a personal inspection of the defects, taking the necessary measurements and proposing the elimination of the detected deviations and faults.