Photovoltaic carports

Turn your car park
into a power station

Steel construction and quality surface finish

Zinc-plated design for the degree of corrosive aggressiveness of the environment C2, including fasteners and anchoring material.

Aluminium construction for snow load 2KN/m2

Aluminium construction has several advantages. It is maintenance-free due to its corrosion resistance, allows for lightweight and narrow profiles to save space, and offers variability.

Make the most of the space

By installing solar panels on the roof of the carport, you can generate your own electricity and reduce operating costs. These practical designs not only provide cover for company vehicles, but also provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy alternative. 

Carport to the family house

Technical information

Our carports are standardized, but we also make them to order.

Carports benefits

what are photovoltaic carports and their advantages

These are special types of carports that combine the function of a carport with integrated solar panels for electricity generation. They are used in both the commercial and residential sectors. In a commercial environment, they can serve as parking spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles,In the residential sector, PV carports can be installed as part of a home solar system, which supplies electricity to the home.

Utilising the potential of the car park

Take advantage of the potential of your car park area and invest in carports with photovoltaics. Optimise the use of space and get green and sustainable energy for your needs.

Maximum energy production

Thanks to the solar panels on the roof of the carport, you can generate your own electricity from the sun's energy, allowing you to reduce your electricity consumption from the local grid and save on energy costs.

Shading and ventilation in summer

Carports have an open structure, which ensures better air circulation and reduces heat build-up under the roof. This can be advantageous in the summer months when vehicles inside the carport do not overheat as quickly.

Saves time and costs for snow removal

Thanks to the protection of the carport roof, snow and ice cannot settle directly on the vehicle, eliminating the need for manual snow removal. This saves time and reduces the cost of operating your vehicle or parking lot.

Greater location flexibility

Photovoltaic carports can be placed in different locations, which allows efficient use of the available area and also offers the possibility of placing them closer to the point of electricity consumption.

Financial and marketing benefits

By generating your own electricity, you can get financial support from the government or by selling surplus electricity to the grid. PV carports are also seen as an innovative and environmentally friendly solution, which can increase the value of your business or property.

Photovoltaic components

panels used for carports

photovoltaic panels

Bifaciální panely jsou velmi vhodné především proto, že berou sluneční světlo z obou stran (spodní strana panelu bere odražené sluneční světlo od auta). Tím dokáže tento solární panel vyrobit o několik procent víc elektřiny než běžný.