Photovoltaic power plants
for companies

some of the most efficient panels on the market

25-year performance guarantee

3-phase inverters with 10 years warranty

Guaranteed battery life 6000 cycles

flexibilní panely

25 years


Our latest projects

We install all over the Czech republic


Modular system for mounting photovoltaic panels on a flat roof without damaging the roofing. 

  • The system was tested in a wind tunnel
  • The constructions are suitable for all types of coverings
  • The load on the roof sheathing is 7 to 15 kg/m2 depending on the panels used. 
rovné střechy fotovoltaika

Advantages of PV for companies

benefits of photovoltaics

Saving energy costs

Photovoltaics are an ideal way for your business to save money on electricity bills. You can become independent of electricity price increases and save money in the long run.

Return on investment

The return on investment in PV is within a few years. It depends of course on the size of the installation in relation to the consumption. Our aim is to design projects such that the real return does not exceed 10 years.

Environmental responsibility

A small carbon footprint will make your business much more environmentally friendly, which is taken into account by most banking institutions when applying for a loan.

Energy independence

In the case of a combination of PV and battery storage, your company can cover energy peaks from its own sources and can be completely independent of the distribution grid.

Use of space

Most companies have huge hidden manufacturing potential in the form of unused roof space. Using our lightweight panels, we are able to design a solution for virtually any roof.


Your company can get a subsidy to build a PV plant. For example, from the Modernisation Fund or the National Renewal Plan. This can reduce initial investment costs and shorten the payback period of the project.