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Wallboxes advantages

what is a wallbox and why have one

Wallbox is a charging device designed for fast and safe charging of electric vehicles. It is a stationary charging unit that is usually installed on the wall of a building, hence the name "wallbox". The charging unit is usually equipped with various features and options such as:

Charging your vehicle safely

The wallboxes are equipped with safety features such as overload protection, leakage protection and overheating protection. This ensures that charging takes place safely and protects both the vehicle and the user.

Charging connectors

Wallboxes are equipped with different types of charging connectors, which vary depending on the region and type of vehicle being charged. The most common charging connectors are Type 2 (Mennekes), CHAdeMO, CCS (Combined Charging System) and Tesla Supercharger.


Intelligent features

Some wallboxes may have built-in smart features such as charging scheduling, energy metering, communication with the home energy network or the ability to connect to a smart home.